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We want to fill the digital divide in the world

DOCOMO and global vendors are working together to provide 5G x Open RAN all over the world to enable anyone on the earth to be connected anytime, anywhere.

The World of Open RAN

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From DOCOMO to the world
Bring innovation to the world with 5G × Open RAN

What’s Open RAN?

Open RAN is a radio access network (RAN) that allows devices and systems from various vendors to interconnect via standardized, open-specification base stations.

Closed network

Interconnection restricted to devices of only one vendor

Closed network
  • Base station market is dominated by few players
  • Base station equipment prices have remained high
Make the specifications open

Open RAN

Allows multiple vendor devices to interconnect

Open RAN
  • Develops flexible and scalable radio access networks
  • Expands opportunities for new vendors to enter the base station market, which will revitalize the market
  • Allows vendors to focus on developing devices that they are good at
Make the specifications open

(5G Open RAN Ecosystem)

What’s OREC?

OREC (5G Open RAN Ecosystem) is a project launched in February 2021 by DOCOMO and 12 global vendors in order to promote the dissemination of open RANs.
In October 2021, a vendor newly participated, and now there are 13 vendors involved in the project (as of February 2022).

13 global vendors promoting OREC

Fusing DOCOMO’s know-how and the strengths of major global vendors from each industry,
DOCOMO will offer vRAN that meets the various demands from overseas carriers.

OREC Initiatives

Multivendor connection

By fusing the know-how of world-leading vendors of radio access network (RAN) devices, DOCOMO is developing mobile networks that offer unprecedented flexibility and scalability thanks to multivendor connection.
In March 2020, DOCOMO launched a nationwide 5G service via open RAN for the first time in the world.
The number of 5G base stations already exceeded 10,000 in 2021, and more than 10 million subscribers.

Virtual RAN (vRAN)

DOCOMO is planning to commercialize a multivendor virtual RAN (vRAN) conforming to O-RAN specifications* within the fiscal year beginning in April 2022. An environment that allows verification as to whether stable multivendor connections are available and can be shared externally as shared open labs.

Virtual RAN (vRAN) Virtual RAN (vRAN)
What’s the O-RAN ALLIANCE?
Background of the establishment
  • The O-RAN ALLIANCE was formed mainly by major operators with the aim to establish a next-generation radio access network that includes 5G in a more scalable, open, and intelligent manner.
  • Having been expected to take the initiative due to the achievement of constructing a multivendor LTE network, DOCOMO participated in the alliance as a founding member from the beginning.
  • As of January 2022, over 300 operators and vendors participate.
What does O-RAN refer to?

It refers to the O-RAN ALLIANCE or their activities or the specifications developed there.
Examples: O-RAN specifications, O-RAN front-haul

Overseas availability

DOCOMO’s shared open lab is remotely available from overseas. We package best-of-breed RAN to overseas carriers, and introduce and operate O-RAN in a responsible manner.

Shared open lab


Verification environment was needed to be prepared by telecom carriers themselves, therefore it used to demand- - -

  • labor,

  • establishment

  • and time.

From now

As DOCOMO’s lab is now accessible from all over the world, it demands - - -

  • no labor for establishment,
  • a lab usage
    fee only*
  • and verification can be performed promptly.

Benefits for overseas carriers

Lowered supply chain risks

Lowered supply chain risks

Vendor lock-in issue will be resolved, and various countries and regions can develop flexible radio access networks,
which consequently help to create an abundant future society where no one will be left behind.

Reasonable pricing

Reasonable pricing

Wider opportunities for new vendors will make the base station market more dynamic (competitive), preventing equipment prices from hovering at high levels. Use of general-purpose servers will also lead to cost reduction.

Quality improvement

Quality improvement

Multivendor vRAN where vendors’ strengths are fused using DOCOMO’s know-how offers a stable network environment.


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5G Open RAN Ecosystem

DOCOMO promotes the activity of "5G Open RAN Ecosystem," which aims to provide open RAN around the world to flexibly meet the diverse needs. The white paper introduces the aims of the Open RAN ecosystem and expected benefits and use cases associated with Open RAN deployment. This paper also addresses the challenges of deploying Open RAN, especially vRAN, and their possible solutions and summarizes target performance indicators for Open RAN.

5G Open RAN Ecosystem
Technical documents

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