• The world of Open RAN

The world of Open RAN

What’s Open RAN?

Open RAN is a radio access network (RAN) that allows devices and systems from various vendors to interconnect via standardized, open-specification base stations.

Closed network

Interconnection restricted to devices of only one vendor

Closed network
  • Base station market is dominated by few players
  • Base station equipment prices have remained high
Make the specifications open

Open RAN

Allows multiple vendor devices to interconnect

Open RAN
  • Develops flexible and scalable radio access networks
  • Expands opportunities for new vendors to enter the base station market, which will revitalize the market
  • Allows vendors to focus on developing devices that they are good at
Make the specifications open

Benefits for overseas operators

Lowered supply chain risks

Lowered supply chain risks

Vendor lock-in issue will be resolved, and various countries and regions can develop flexible radio access networks,
which consequently help to create an abundant future society where no one will be left behind.

Reasonable pricing

Reasonable pricing

Wider opportunities for new vendors will make the base station market more dynamic (competitive), preventing equipment prices from hovering at high levels. Use of general-purpose servers will also lead to cost reduction.

Quality improvement

Quality improvement

Multivendor vRAN where vendors’ strengths are fused using DOCOMO’s know-how offers a stable network environment.

Towards Realizing Truly Open RANs

Open fronthaul

DOCOMO has integrated multi-vendor radio units (RUs) and central units (CUs) as well as distributed units (DUs) using dedicated hardware with O-RAN Alliance-compliant interfaces.
In March 2020, DOCOMO launched the world's first nationwide 5G Open RAN service.

DOCOMO's achievements in Japan
5G Subscribers
22 million


5G Coverage
Access in 815 cities

Access in815cities

5G Frequencies

3.7GHz 4.5GHz 28GHz

Max. Throughput
Downlink 4.9Gbps, Uplink 1.1Gbps

4.9Gbps 1.1Gbps

5G Base Stations type*Including those to be introduced
in the future
RUs 29types  4 vendors, CUs 8types  3 vendors

29types 8types

As of September 2023


OREX is now verifying a more open virtualized base station by utilizing know-how acquired in STEP 1.
The virtualized base station will separate hardware and software, allowing the latter to be installed in general-purpose hardware for network construction.
Virtualization will enable the diverse needs of global operators to be addressed flexibly. It also will allow RANs to be combined optimally to meet operator requirements for everything from installation to operation.

Virtual RAN (vRAN) Virtual RAN (vRAN)

Intelligent RANs

OREX will analyze data from base stations and terminals to optimize RANs by automatically controlling base stations with AI and other tools for increasingly complex operations, resulting in further improvements in communication quality as well as lower operating costs.

Value of Shared Open Lab offered by OREX

See on the big-screen

Quick provision of verification environment

  • You can readily start vRAN verification without having to arrange the site, equipment or people on your own.
  • Useful measurement equipment (such as a load tester) is available for your verification aimed at a future commercial service. 

verification with a package of products tailored to the needs of overseas operators

  • A wide variety of OREX products can be freely combined to set up a verification configuration.
  • CNs and RUs operated by overseas operators can be connected to the testbed for vRAN verification.

High-quality commercial-level verification

  • DOCOMO provides a package of verification design and items and analysis skills developed and proven through our years of operational experience.
  • End-to-end verification is guaranteed in our UE-to-CN test environment.