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  • A new combination of "OREX Packages" in DOCOMO's 5G commercial network is on its way!!

A new combination of "OREX Packages" in DOCOMO's 5G commercial network is on its way!!

In 2024, DOCOMO will introduce a new combination of "OREX Packages" to DOCOMO 's 5G commercial network.

We have been promoting “True Open RAN” to realize efficient and flexible construction of communication networks around the world. As a first step, in September 2023, “OREX Packages” were introduced and operated on DOCOMO’s 5G commercial network. The initial package combined Fujitsu's base station software, Wind River's cloud virtualization infrastructure, NVIDIA's accelerator, and general-purpose servers using Intel's processors.

Now, we have added further options with a combination of NEC Corporation’s base station software, Amazon Web Services and Red Hat OpenShift, Qualcomm® X100 5G RAN Accelerator Card from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and a combination of general purpose servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and Dell Technologies, Inc.’s. All of these products are provided by OREX Partners and integrated by DOCOMO.

We believe that our initiatives towards the realization of “True Open RAN” will benefit both OREX Partners and global mobile network operators. Our OREX Partners will be able to focus on developing equipment and software that they specialize in and contribute in that field, resulting in expanding their business opportunities.

The product features in the additional “OREX Packages” combination are as follows.

NEC Corporation
  • O-RAN compliance, carrier-grade quality, and Cloud-native virtualized base station software(CU/DU) that achieves high power-saving performance on a 5G equipment base with commercial operational results.
Amazon Web Services
  • A container platform that enables an open RAN ecosystem
Red Hat OpenShift
  • A hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes that enables an open RAN ecosystem and a consistent foundation from core to edge.
Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.
  • High-performance, low-latency, low-power PCIe inline accelerator cards (Qualcomm X100 5G RAN Accelerator Cards) are designed to seamlessly connect to standard COTS servers and offload latency-sensitive, computationally intensive 5G baseband L1 functions (e.g., modulation, beamforming, channel coding, and M-MIMO calculations required for high-capacity deployments) from CPUs
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • The industry's first Open RAN workload optimization server that is carrier-grade and provides the capacity and power efficiency required for 5G base stations.
Dell Technologies, Inc
  • The industry’s first TCO Optimized, short-depth ruggedized server, NEBS certified, ideally suited for Open RAN and vRAN deployments.

The benefits for the global telecom network operators are the selection of optimal products from a variety of options, and being able to build flexible and open radio access networks, to avoid vendor lock-in. When opportunities for new vendors are expanded, the RAN market will be revitalized and lead to cost reductions.

DOCOMO will continue to strengthen its relationship with OREX Partners and expand the combination of "OREX Packages." We will provide base stations with high cost performance that maximize the strengths of each company, to respond to our customers’ requests.

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