List of events and lectures on Open RAN: FY2021

The list shows events and lectures held in FY2021 on DOCOMO’s Open RAN.
Stay tuned for various activities coming up in the future.

Date Events
2021/05/19〜2021/05/20 Qualcomm 5G Summit
2021/06/16 Interop
2021/06/17 NVIDIA AI days
2021/07/28 The Quad Open RAN Forum
2021/08/24 Telecom TV(Red Hat)
2021/08/25 Red Hat event
2021/09/14 open RAN forum
(Live streaming for overseas) 
(VOD for overseas)
NEC Visionary Week
2021/09/29 VMware Tying Telco Together
2021/10/14 GSMA APAC
2021/10/14~2021/10/16 Light reading
2021/11/03 Forbes(Windriver)
2021/11/10 NTT DATA event
2021/11/30〜2021/12/01 Prague 5G security conference
2021/12/02 Xilinx Adapt
2021/12/07 Taiwan Data Centric Symposium 2021(Intel)
2022/03/02 MWC 2022 Fujitsu partner program THE REALITY OF OPEN RAN

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